Business Sales

Having completed over 350 successful transactions, helping Buyers buy and Sellers sell is my primary mission. My experience covers virtually every industry sector and most types of businesses, including Manufacturing, Distribution, Services, Wholesale, Retail, Food & Restaurants, Auto or other repair, Health & Beauty, Medical, Construction, Professional, Institutional, and Franchises.

There are a variety of crucial steps involved in both buying and selling a business. Whether a Buyer or Seller, the exact plan of action must be tailored to and personalized for the person and situation, and every potential situation cannot possibly be detailed here.

For first-time Buyers or Sellers, call me direct have all aspects of a purchase or sale explained thoroughly to you.

For more experienced Buyers and Sellers, you know the process so we can launch directly into the task at hand and begin working on results. However, I always encourage questions.

Regardless of your experience level, I can devote as much time to achieving your goals as is needed.

Business Evaluations

Any business owner usually has in mind the question, “What is my business worth today?” And anyone purchasing a business, wanting to get the best and most fair price, needs to know the value of it. Additionally, a partner wanting to sell out, and a potential partner wanting to buy in, needs to know a value on which to base a transaction.

Having evaluated literally thousands of businesses, and having my finger on the pulse of the market at any given time, I can provide two different types of evaluations:

Free Market Evaluation including a “marketability” analysis.

Paid, written Evaluation using various traditional formulas complete with detailed explanations of value. Prices range from $1000 and up depending on complexity of the subject business, but are generally very competitive and fair.


A critically important aspect of a business purchase is financing. In recent years, lenders in general have become extremely risk-conscious and generally cautious, affecting the likelihood that a loan can be obtained for a business purchase. Consequently, knowing where to go for specific types of financing can make the difference in whether you can purchase a business.

SBA Financing—For smaller business purchases up to $3 million, or refinancing an existing business up to $5 Million, or for buying or refinancing a commercial building up to $10 Million, SBA is probably the most likely source. Banks today do not normally make a business purchase loan other than a possible SBA loan since, being government backed, the risk to the bank is greatly reduced. I work with an excellent source for the best SBA lenders and interest rates for your specific purchase qualifying for an SBA loan. Call me for information: 619-342-6466 or 619-523-4689

Residental Real Estate—For purchase or refinancing of residential real estate, a nationally acclaimed preferred mortgage company obtains loans at no-cost, and at lower interest rates than you are likely to geteven dealing directly with your own bank. The company described has an excellent, professional and impressive reputation.Call me for information: 619-342-6466 or 619-523-4689