Why William Bruno?

  • William Bruno Broker/Intermediary
  • University of Pittsburgh BA Economics
  • Association of Professional Merger & Acquisition Advisors
  • Expert Advisor, AllExperts.com

“Thirty four years of helping Buyers and Sellers Attain Their Life Goals”

Since I began selling companies in 1983, I have consciously worked to treat my clients as I would like to be treated. Words like “respect”, “trust”, “value”, “safety” and “comfort” describe the business relationships I strive for. I also work preventatively, not punitively, and consequently am often able to preclude certain actions before they can become issues. My philosophy of not being a volume broker, handling only a limited number of clients at one time, allows me to provide a very personal service and close business relationship with you, thus focusing my knowledge, time and energy on the project at hand while giving needed attention to your goals, instead of the commonplace juggling many clients or listings. The result is over 350 successful transactions.

My experience is with many different types of companies and businesses. Having owned seven of my own businesses, and coming from a background with Xerox Corporation as a field salesman, account representative and in its national sales training department in Rochester, NY, I enjoy relating to Buyers, Sellers and Businesses—meaning, effectively communicating, understanding the experience of operating a day-to-day business while being aware of needs, desires and concerns of both Buyer and Seller. And, having overseen many transactions in the last thirty four years helps me spot potential challenges prior to becoming actual problems or “deal-killers”. There is no substitute for actual hands-on experience by a seasoned professional.

Confidentiality is also a very critical factor in a transaction. Knowledge of a pending sale can cause an overreaction from your employees, vendors, customers and competitors that may interrupt the momentum of your business. To prevent this, no identifying information is released to any potential buyer without signed Confidentiality Agreement and knowledge of purchase funds and all precautions possible are taken to prevent leakage of your personal or highly critical business information.

You, as a Buyer or Seller, have choices. I offer personal and focused service, dedication to the task, substantial experience, excellent and impeccable reputation, and an attitude of creating a good transaction and experience for you . I have successfully brokered over 350 business sale transactions including small to large companies and many highly recognized franchises. Thousands of business owners and sellers have asked me for, and received, help and guidance. If you are considering buying or selling a company, call and discuss your goals and questions with me without any cost or obligation, and let’s succeed….together.Call now for a direct conversation with me, or for a free evaluation! 619-523-4689